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There are DNA testing centers in all 50 states. There are several reasons a person will want DNA test results.

One purpose of DNA testing is for medical issues. If an illness strikes several family members, a DNA test can determine an individual’s risk for getting that same disease.

Immigration laws sometimes require a DNA test to determine of every family member seeking to join a legal immigrant in America is indeed a member of the same family.

Another purpose of DNA testing is to settle the issue of paternity. The best testing center will run the test twice so there is no question who is the father of a child.

There are four options for DNA paternity testing. A Legal test is required for court cases and is the most popular test option. These results will often be used to decide custody and child support, as well as birth certificate issues.

A Home paternity test is for peace of mind. It is the most affordable paternity test option and the easiest to perform.

A Prenatal test determines paternity before the baby is born. This option works for people who don’t want to wait until birth to decide who the father is.

A Discreet paternity test gets results without the knowledge of other parties. This one most closely resembles television dramas and includes used chewing gum, a toothbrush or clothing to harvest a DNA sample.

DNA testing is also used to gather information about infidelity and forensics where a suspicious article is tested and matched to your own to give you the truth. Finally, DNA test results can be used to settle Estate issues when a person says he is a relative of the deceased.

Whatever your reason, DNA testing centers will give you the answer and peace of mind you need.

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