When searching for DNA testing facilities make sure the one you chose is accredited. There are many reputable laboratories however the accredited ones maintain the highest standards.

Look for a lab that is ISO 17025 listed. This stands for International Standards Organization and it has global reach among DNA testing labs. You’ll also want to see the laboratory is accredited by the AABB which is the American Association of Blood Banks.

The most common reason to be DNA tested is to settle a paternity issue. Most labs will automatically run a sample twice to be certain of the results and if the lab has accreditation, the findings are admissible in any court in the world. Paternity tests are often involved in child support proceedings. Depending upon the lab, results can be established in three to ten days.

DNA tests are also used to settle immigration issues to make sure all members of a family applying for visas are close relatives. Tests are conducted with Estate disposal as well. Sometimes a person will come forward claiming to be a close relative of the deceased. A DNA test will determine if the claim is true.

Lastly DNA testing is underway on millions of individuals around the world in an effort to map human ancestry. Scientists are collecting DNA samples from people seeking information on their ancient ancestry in order to collect a large database of information. With new samples coming each day, genealogists are pinpointing with greater frequency and accuracy, lineage for both parental lines.

All DNA test kits are essentially the same. You order a kit in the mail and swab the inside of your cheek. A few days to a few weeks later, DNA testing facilities reveal the answers you’ve been waiting for leading to a better night’s sleep for many.