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DNA Testing Court Admissible

Court-admissible results

All our DNA Test Services are admissible by the courts. Legal tests require the samples to be verified and collected by a third party.


All our DNA Tests are performed by an accredited laboratory AABB, NYDOH and ISO 17025.


The accuracy of our DNA tests is 99.99 %. One of the biggest in the market.


We are a lot of time in the market, so we know how to do the DNA Testing with lower prices.

Paternity Test DNA Testing

Paternity test

If it’s essential for you to know your lineage and you need a paternity test for legal purposes, we have the solution you’re looking. If, on the contrary, you need to get out of doubt and you want to know paternity through a DNA paternity test, it’s also your solution.

Immigration Test

The purpose of the immigration test is to determine whether there are biological links to be able to process an immigration visa. It’s usually between parents and siblings.

Immigration Test

We are near you

We have a lot of places, so we are pretty sure that one of them will be near you.

We can move to your home

We can send a collector to your home, and you won't need to move away from your home.

Grandfathers Test

Grandfathers Test

It is not necessary to have an alleged parent in some cases. Grandparents also carry your DNA so that they can serve as evidence of biological relationships.

Siblings test

It’s a test that aims to see if two brothers have biological coincidences to determine whether they are truly brothers.

Siblings Test


If you need a DNA Testing in Manhattan, this is the process that you have to do.

2. Appointment

We will adapt to you.

Depending on whether you want the DNA or paternity test more or less in a hurry, we’ll try to give you an appointment or another. We will always try to adapt to you because we know it can be urgent.

4. Results

Accurate results

The results will be ready as soon as possible and will be very successful. They shall also be legal if necessary and admissible by the courts.


We will inform you by free.

We’ll let you know about the paternity test and the DNA tests. Also, we will explain exactly what the difference is between us going home or having you come to our Manhattan recollection centre.

3. DNA Testing

We move to you or you come to our Manhattan centre.

We’ll test you at home or in our office. It’s too fast to do and it’s nothing complex.

We have a wide range of DNA Services

Paternity DNA Testing

Resolve the doubts. DNA Paternity test fast, accurate, affordable and AABB Accredited. ​

Immigration DNA Testing

This DNA tests will help you out! Verify paternity, maternity, and full-sibling relationships.

Brothers DNA Testing

Test the relationship with your brother, and it will clear your doubts.

Grandfathers DNA Testing

You don't need an alleged father sometimes. You can do a DNA Test with your grandfathers.

Father DNA Testing

Check the relationship with your father. Is he your father? DNA Testing resolves every doubt with 99% accuracy.

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